ProLingo can move your business or organization forward by providing professional language services tailored to your needs. We are experts in:

We open up new markets and opportunities for you by building communication bridges in English and Spanish, our principle languages.


We provide unbeatable value due to our location and firm commitment to excellence. We also guarantee you close collaboration with a project manager and exceptional customer service.

For documental projects, we have a well-defined six-step process to ensure  that the product we deliver you is precise and polished


  • Over 10 years of combined experience providing high-quality language services.
  • Special expertise in technical, IT, international development, business, financial, legal, marketing and literary projects.
  • End clients include the following thriving companies and organizations:
    • Multi-national banks, such as BBVA
    • Oil companies, including Repsol and YPF
    • NGOs and institutions, including the World Bank and the European Commission
    • Tourism boards, namely Segittur (the Spanish tourism board)


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