Often a direct, face-to-face interchange is the most effective method of communication. ProLingo can help you overcome any barriers to this interchange you encounter, whether interpreting with technical equipment in a conference or in a more mobile manner with a small group. Satisfied users of the services provided by ProLingo team members include the World Bank.


Simultaneous interpretation involves using electronic equipment to interpret the words of a speaker or presenter without having to interrupt him or her. ProLingo partners with local companies that provide the technology to offer this service at conferences, assemblies, workshops and other large events. Contact us for information about our rates.


An escort interpreter accompanies one or a very small group of visitors or delegates and interprets both what is said to them and what their relies. ProLingo’s escort interpreters take the job one step further beyond making sure that the actual words are understood, and generally act as cultural liaisons for our clients, ensuring their comfort and complete ease of communication. This service is very flexible and its applications range from high-level political delegations or business negotiations to tourism and travel.