Our Process


Our quality and customer service are reflected in our six-step process for our language services:

  1. A single project manager, usually the lead professional on the job, receives the project and manages all collaboration with the client throughout the project.
  2. A pre-consultation or exchange is carried out with the client regarding the scope of the project, translation memories and glossaries, and any special considerations, should there be any.
  3. The project is assigned to a very small team of professionals or a single professional whose expertise and skill set best match the scope of the project. State-of-the-art CAT tools and other professional translation tools are used to complete the work if appropriate.
  4. In the case of translations, a second professional thoroughly edits the translation, looking at both the source and target text, for accuracy, style, grammar, etc.
  5. As work is completed, it is monitored using an independent quality control system which rewards translators and editors for excellence.
  6. The phases of the projects are delivered on or before deadline, and the project manager is available for follow-up for as long afterward as is necessary.