Arts, Culture and Academia

The ProLingo team has completed projects in the following areas:

History and Politics: Online encyclopedia Enigmas on major world culture and historical events. The Malignant Legacy, historical and political text on dictatorship and democracy in Latin America.

Travel: Descriptions of tours throughout Spain, including aspects of architecture, history, geography, culture, art, dance, music and geography for Segittur (Spain’s tourism board) and the Repsol Guide.

Fine Dining: The Repsol Guide’s wine guide and information on renowned Spanish restaurants and culinary products.


  • Studies on electrical grid and power generation in Bolivia
  • Surveys on addiction and health for Colombia University
  • Edited reports from the European Commission on the impact to green jobs on the recession; on unionization in EU countries; and on science, technology and innovation collaboration with Africa,
  • Edited studies and reports from the International Organization for Migration on immigration in Timor Leste and social remittances in Tanzania.