Marketing and PR

ProLingo members have translated projects for the following industries and end clients:

Tourism: Promotional material about hostelry, cuisine, art, history, architecture and culture for Segittur (Spain’s tourism board). Translations of information about fine dining and accommodations for the Repsol Guide.

Web Content:

  • Repsol— Sales documents and web content on service stations, motor oils, asphalt, etc.
  • Iberdrola— LNG sales documentation other retail products
  • Indra— Sales documentation on BPO services, all types of consulting services

Retail: Online and printed content for Zumex products, Zara’s clothing lines and other products.

Press Releases, Media & Newsletters: Diverse press releases for many different companies including Mafre, Gamesa and Repsol. Translated newsletters for various NGOs.

Market Research: Translated consumer review surveys about Phillips medical equipment and other products.

Proposals: Madrid 2020 Olympic bid including public relations components, environmental proposals, innovative event organizing, etc.