The ProLingo Team

• Daniela is Professor of Translation, Applied Linguistics and ESL at Universidad Mayor de San Simon and is an experienced copywriter and editor.

• Joanna translates with technical expertise from her 15-plus years as an award-winning architect and project manager in the UK and her MSc in Planning and Development from University College London.

• Collin has developed a system for expedient, accurate proofreading based on experience as a copywriter and editor and B.A. in English literature and writing.

• Doug produces authoritative translations in the fields of tourism, environmentalism and development due to his MA in Sustainable Development from SIT Graduate Institute in Vermont and undergraduate work in Environmental Studies.

• Valerie has special expertise in marketing and business translations due to years of experience in those fields.

• Jessie renders precise translations in the areas of Sports Science, Nutrition, and Health based on seven years of experience and education in those fields.



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